We know how to make SharePoint awesome

Our track record

We’ve been creating content management and collaboration portals on the SharePoint platform since its first version. Over the last 12 years, we’ve built hundreds of solutions on SharePoint, both big and small.

Our expertise

Our SharePoint expertise empowers us to build intuitive user experiences that users adore. The result: better adoption, satisfaction, and ultimately return on your portal investment.

Our 2013 experience

We’ve been working with SharePoint 2013 since 2012 and have already delivered solutions on the platform. SharePoint 2013’s new search, social, and team site discovery features are a powerful addition to any portal!

Discover the benefits of SharePoint 2013


Better, FASTer, stronger.

FAST Search is now fully integrated into the SharePoint platform. The benefit: a costly license is no longer required and your portal can leverage FAST’s powerful search capabilities throughout. Many visitors skip a portal’s navigation and use search to find content; SharePoint’s search capabilities (combined with tuning and a solid governance program) provide an exceptional experience for those that search.

SharePoint 2013 also provides the ability to embed the search-driven display of content within your portal, which is perfect for sites that contain large volumes of information, such as a knowledge base or product catalogue.*

*Note: Not available in SharePoint Online / Office 365


Power to the people.

SharePoint 2013 provides a rich set of embedded social capabilities, empowering your portal to help foster stronger communities, crowdsource ideas, deepen relationships, increase productivity, and accelerate innovation. The platform has a new purpose-built Community Site template, which provides topic-based conversation streams for groups to collaborate within and member reputation features to reward your portal’s most valuable contributors.

SharePoint 2013 uses a familiar newsfeed concept, which enables your visitors to engage in conversations and follow sites, documents, people, and subject matter tags across your SharePoint portal. Newsfeeds are even available via the new apps for iOS and Windows Phone.


Hit the road.

Many organizations are not meeting user expectations for mobile device access. Issues such as security and cost are common barriers in embracing mobile device access, leaving important audiences such as traveling individuals and field-workers out-of-the loop. SharePoint provides a solid foundation on which to build mobile employee, customer, and member portals. From dedicated mobile sites to completely responsive portals, SharePoint can support any mobile requirements you might have.


We’re all in, too.

Microsoft has made key architectural changes to SharePoint and has completed an enormous investment in the infrastructure required to support a truly cloud-ready platform. Organizations that want to leverage SharePoint have a choice: on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

SharePoint Online in Office 365 is a viable, feature-rich alternative to an on-premise installation and is ready to go, today!


Download, install, and go.

SharePoint now uses the app model popularized by smartphones to add new capabilities to your portal. IT or portal management teams can make apps available to their users as a commoditized service offering and third-party apps can be obtained from the SharePoint Marketplace, which may replace the need for custom development.

Habanero created an app to display important messages, a feature found on many employee portals. Check out our free Important Messages App in the SharePoint marketplace.

We start with our Portal Accelerator

The Habanero SharePoint Portal Accelerator empowers us to deliver high-quality portals more efficiently and less expensively. The Accelerator is designed for both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. More than just a code library, it provides:

Common features

A number of high-quality, pre-built components, which are common to our portals.

Best practices

SharePoint solution design, infrastructure planning, and design best practices.


Functional and technical specifications and documentation, versioning, localization, and configuration documentation.

Best practices, best approach, best team

Experienced team

We’ve got a passionate team that loves to show SharePoint who’s boss! We employ over 20 Microsoft Certified Professionals who lead technical sessions across the country.

Proven approach

All SharePoint development starts with the platform’s out-of-the-box building blocks, keeping future upgradability in mind. Our development process is iterative, which enables you to view development progress (and provide feedback) throughout the project.

World-class tools

We believe in application lifecycle management and fully leverage Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. We use a build-promotion process, which provides early feedback of issues, and ensures you have confidence in the overall solution.

Quality first

We’re fanatical about the details and believe quality assurance is more than testing. A dedication to quality permeates our entire design and development process, from usability testing during the design stage, to performance testing in a dedicated lab during development to ensure your portal performs as it should.

Getting Started

Don’t know where to start with SharePoint 2013? Contact us to schedule a free SharePoint 2013 deep dive or talk to us about a SharePoint upgrade assessment.

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