Employee experience design and the modern workplace event in Chicago

Great employee experiences increase productivity, improve customer service, and lead to greater profitability.

What makes a great employee experience? It’s not as easy as setting up a foosball table and sharing a few drinks every second Friday.

Join Caterina Sanders, Habanero Senior Consultant, for a two-day conference (November 2-3, 2017) in which you’ll learn:

  • How to design unique and powerful employee experiences
  • How to perceive your organization as a series of experiences, not processes
  • The relationship between employee experience and your organization’s strategic goals

Who should attend

This conference is perfect for HR practitioners, communicators, project managers, people managers, and anyone else with a stake in your organization’s employer value proposition. If you’re looking to make sense of the modern workplace and gain practical, effective tools for hiring and retaining employees, join Caterina in Chicago.

Learn more and register for this event. 

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