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Atomic design: going beyond traditional wireframes and mockups

On June 26, Habanero is hosting a webinar about atomic design. This new approach to creating employee, customer, and member portals results in solution designs that are easy to modify, rebrand, and integrate with your organization's larger communications goals.

Atomic design is a system of designing complex interfaces by first focusing on the parts of which they are comprised. The system allows designers to spend less time on large scale site mockups and instead focus on creating reusable elements that ensure a comprehensive design system and consistent user experience. We'll also share how your organization can benefit from more iterative design strategies and why atomic design better supports responsive design.

This 30-minute webinar is perfect for professionals in web design, user experience, information architecture, communications, as well as anyone interested in new interactive design techniques.

Bradley Smith, a Habanero senior interaction designer, will present the webinar.

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