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CAPP Launches User-Centred Website to Engage Diverse Audiences

Habanero Consulting Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) website at CAPP represents 130 companies that explore for, develop, and produce more than 95 per cent of Canada's natural gas and crude oil.

CAPP engaged Habanero in May 2008 to support its strategy of increasing its engagement with the Canadian public in addition to government, media, and industry members. Habanero utilized its proven user-centred design approach, ensuring that all visitors will find the site easy to use and understand.

As Dave Collyer, CAPP President states, "When we started the process of developing CAPP's new website, we had a very good idea as to the content of the information we wanted to convey to our stakeholders. However, we needed insight and experience from a technology consulting company to assist us in designing the website to ensure that this information was conveyed in an effective and user-friendly manner. Through the excellent scoping, project management, and creative design skills of the Habanero Consulting Group, we successfully realized our objectives. Our new website represents a step change improvement in the manner in which we engage with our stakeholders, for which the Habanero Consulting Group deserves significant credit."

Built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, the new website allowed CAPP to leverage its existing investment in the SharePoint platform. The website also integrates with Hummingbird, CAPP's document management system.

The smooth website design and development process was a testament to the strong working relationship between CAPP and Habanero. Tony Rino, CAPP's Advisor, Web Communications said, "Habanero's process has been extremely helpful in keeping the development of our website on track. I've been very impressed with their knowledge and understanding of web production, from their thought provoking pre-planning exercises to their very thorough project management. The team we have worked with are extremely personable and have communicated easily and professionally with us. They have provided us with timely responses and have been able to identify and address issues throughout the production of the site." He adds, "Thanks to Habanero, I feel very confident that our new website is in a position to grow and change with CAPP's needs."

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