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New roles for Habanero’s leadership team

Habanero is excited to announce changes to our leadership team!

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways we can help clients leverage technology to improve processes and shift culture to create real, positive change in their organizations. Part of our success so far in this journey can be attributed to our ability to shift our people in key roles to best leverage their strengths, passions, and aspirations. These most recent changes illustrate how career development opportunities can lead to optimal results for both Habanero and our clients,” said Habanero President Steven Fitzgerald.

Ben Skelton has now assumed the role of Vice President. Ben will lead Habanero’s operations and provide guidance and oversight to Habanero’s leadership team. This will allow Ben to fully leverage his deep passion for ensuring all the work Habanero does meets his exacting standards for quality and fit for our clients’ needs. Ben is very passionate about doing work that both Habanero and our clients will be proud of. Caterina Sanders was Vice President since 2013. In July Caterina will be taking a one year sabbatical to travel the world with her family. 

Pablo Romero is now Habanero’s Director of Employee Engagement and Kiran Aujla is our Director of Operations. Both of these individuals have shown considerable leadership and innovation in their respective areas and were a natural choice to assume the new director roles.

In addition, Aaron Law is now Habanero’s Director of Finance and Performance, a role previously held by Rick Martin. Rick is focusing on strategic growth initiatives related to potential new service offerings. 

Director of Products and Services Brian Edwards will continue to oversee and evolve Habanero’s practices and service offerings.

For more information on individual team accountabilities please see our team directory.

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