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Improved Terasen Gas Website Gets Warm Reception

Habanero Consulting Group is thrilled with the success of the improved Terasen Gas website during the four months since launch. A long-standing client, Terasen Gas reengaged Habanero to develop the new site to coincide with the start of CUSTOMER CHOICE, a new program that gives customers the option of buying their gas from Terasen Gas or from a gas marketer.

The site boasts many improvements and new features. The region selector allows users to receive region-specific information, rebates, and special offers, and gives Terasen Gas more flexibility to tailor its marketing messages. The improved information architecture and clearer navigation allow users to access the targeted site content from three main audience tabs: homes, businesses, and building professions and trades. While the old site was based on internal groupings and processes, the new site is based on customer needs, verified through two rounds of usability testing. Additionally, the enhanced site design now includes diverse colour palettes, intuitive interactive buttons, eye-catching images, and improved accessibility for the visually impaired.

Five months of hard work against a firm deadline paid off for the hard-working team. The site launched earlier than planned (by 13 minutes) on March 1, 2007 and has been very well received by users. Terasen Gas Internet Communications Manager Donna Gratton is pleased with the results. "The relaunch of was tremendously successful. Everyone involved with the project had a very positive experience, and we've received great feedback from customers, the media, and stakeholders."

In addition to being pleased with the outcome, Habanero Director, User Experience Caterina Sanders is equally happy with the site creation process. "Habanero and Terasen Gas had a tightly integrated team working together throughout the project. Habanero was able to quickly understand exactly what Terasen Gas needed, and Terasen Gas had resources totally focused on the project. This allowed for superior responsiveness, decisiveness, and overall project direction." Noting the long working relationship Habanero has with Terasen Gas, Sanders adds, "It was great to work with the team again on something large-scale and high pressure, and in the end deliver a great product."

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