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Habanero to share tips for EDRMS success at Public Sector Records Management in the Digital Era conference

January 24 – 25, 2017 Ottawa, Ontario

Spoiler alert: when it comes to electronic document and records management systems, success depends on how well you understand and support your employees.

“Your endgame should be a system that improves the workplace experience of the employees who will use it. That is the biggest factor in adoption and compliance,” says Habanero consultant Natalie Veldhoen. “Understanding how to improve your employees’ experiences is essential to success.”

It’s also essential to people enjoying their jobs, suggests Rick Martin, Habanero’s Enterprise Content Management Practice Lead. “In considering the experience of your employees, you should consider your own, too, in relation to your records management solution. Will you have to cajole, chase, or even reprimand people? If so, it won’t be an exceptional experience for you or your team. It will be a flat-out fail, and people will be as frustrated as they are today.”

On January 24, Natalie and Rick will delve into how to create an exceptional, employee-focused EDRMS experience. Presenting at the Public Sector Records Management in the Digital Era conference, they’ll share how you can:

  • Build a roadmap and get executive buy-in
  • Ensure your file plan is technology-ready
  • Support the jobs that need to be done
  • Achieve invisible records management by collecting records in the background
  • Ensure you have great stakeholder engagement

The upcoming two-day conference in Ottawa will bring together information and records management professionals from across Canada, giving attendees practical strategies for meeting the ongoing challenges posed by compliance, such as emerging technologies, social media, and ever-changing directives for data storage and security.

Learn more and register for this event.

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