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Radcliffe Habanero's New Regional Leader for BC

Habanero Consulting Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Radcliffe as the new Regional Leader for British Columbia. Radcliffe brings extensive experience in client experience management, project delivery, senior level consulting, risk management, and financial analysis, and he has worked extensively with Habanero's Practice Leaders to develop our service offerings.

As BC's Regional Leader, Radcliffe is responsible for creating and implementing a go-to-market strategy, executing the regional sales plan, and developing strategic client relationships. With a strong vision for the business potential in the region, Radcliffe presents a compelling approach for integrating the role into Habanero's existing and evolving leadership structure.

As Radcliffe states, "We will continue focusing on deepening engagement with strategic relationships in BC. To help clients coming out of a rough economic period, we will concentrate efforts on pre-project business justifications and post-project business impact valuations." He adds, "I look forward to the exciting challenges this position brings and to expanding Habanero's positive impact within our client base."

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