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Responsible Development: Create a powerful intranet in SharePoint Online

On September 2, Habanero hosted a webinar to share what we’ve learned about creating powerful employee portals in the cloud. We call our approach to developing cloud-friendly intranets Responsible Development. The recording is now available to view on Habanero’s YouTube page.

There are new challenges to be considered when developing in Office 365. Organizations can be reluctant to move their on-premises intranet to the cloud because they don’t want to lose the branding and customizations that make their intranet successful. In addition, SharePoint Online requires a new way of approaching customization and development. Habanero’s Responsible Development techniques ensure solutions built in SharePoint Online maintain the balance between value, ease-of-use, adoption, and long-term manageability.

Our Responsible Development webinar includes:

  • How Responsible Development differs with other approaches to developing in SharePoint
  • What you can do to preserve custom features when upgrading to SharePoint Online
  • A live demo of Responsible Development in action!

Sal Belal, a Habanero technical architect, will showcase Responsible Development techniques and discuss how you can overcome common challenges when developing intranets in SharePoint Online.

This 30-minute session is perfect for anyone interested in the development of on-premises SharePoint-based intranets that would like to avoid the "upgrade tax" and those that want to take their intranet to the cloud.

View the webinar recording on YouTube

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