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Which workflow technology should you choose?

On August 21, Habanero is hosting a webinar designed to help organizations assess which SharePoint workflow platform is the best for their people, budget, and needs. The presentation will focus on three leading workflow technologies–Nintex, K2, and AgilePoint–and include use cases for each platform.

Workflows automate routine activities, enabling your employees to focus on higher-value analysis, collaboration, and discovery. When it comes to SharePoint, there are plenty of business process automation platforms, but not every product is equal. That’s why it’s important to understand how a thorough assessment can benefit your team before you embark on your workflow journey. 

This 30-minute presentation is perfect for IT managers, business analysts, and technical decision-makers. It's a great introduction to the world of workflow and provides a head start on what to do before conducting a full-scale assessment. 

Adam Pucek will lead the webinar. Adam is a workflow consultant who ran his own successful managed services company for several years. He is passionate about helping organizations use technology to make work easier​.

Join us as we share how workflow can be leveraged within your SharePoint portal!


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