Why Habanero?

There are many reasons organizations partner with Habanero. Here are six that our clients believe are the most important:

A truly holistic provider.

As a company that applies strategy, design, implementation, and sustainment and portal management services to organizations that desire change, we can take a long-term point of view. Our portals that have the biggest impact on the employee, customer, and member experience are the ones that we continuously support, measure, and enhance.

We’re in it for the relationship.

We have a tough time when organizations hire us to do the odd project (no matter how cool the solution is) and aren’t willing to engage in a longer-term relationship. We fundamentally believe that our best work is created within our longest-term partnerships with clients. This focus on relationships and measurable results has led to clients telling us “It never feels like you are pushing me to buy something,” and, “Your teams often seem more invested in the success of our organization than my own.”

A dedication to exceptional user experiences.

We’ve always believed that creating exceptional end-user experiences is an essential ingredient in the development of portals that people adore. We have empowered our clients, competitors, and others in the community to create amazing user experiences though our User Experience Done Right! seminar series since 2002.

Happy, inside out.

We place a huge emphasis on creating a culture where people can, and do, thrive, as we believe a happy and engaged workforce results in the highest-quality work. We spend a lot of time and energy determining how we can be an even better place to work and are passionate about assisting our clients in being more successful companies.

We love solving tough problems.

All of us at Habanero love solving the really tough problems, as we believe they are the key to unlocking measurable, positive results in our clients’ businesses. Addressing the biggest challenges is how we exceed client expectations. If you care about the outcome, we are the team to help.

On-time and on-budget — every time.

In a world where many IT projects fail, our projects stand out because they don’t. Our rock-solid project management methodology — combined with our deep technical, design, and consulting skills — ensures that each project is a success. You might pay a little more than our competitors for our services, but you won’t have any problem sleeping at night knowing that you have selected Habanero.