Bring people together



Surface ideas, connect people, and reveal expertise across organizations.



Share information and ideas in a protected, collaborative place.



Give teams the access and experience they need, when they need it.

Nurture your community

Retail and franchisee-based organizations

Establish a consistent and simple line of communication with frontline employees, store managers, and franchisees.


Connect students, teachers, administrators, and parents in a space that keeps everyone informed.

Communities of practice

Connect experts across different organizations to share skills, knowledge, and best practices.

Business partners and clients

Share files, work together, and communicate with your most trusted advisers without compromising security.

Boards of directors

Give your board the tools and information it needs to make decisions and evaluate performance.

Powered by enterprise technology

Benefit from the power of the cloud with a community portal built on SharePoint and Sitecore. You'll give your users anywhere access and a modern user experience that fuels collaboration. We also have experience crafting hybrid solutions to integrate cloud and on-premises solutions.

A strong technical foundation

Our community portals scale up or down depending on your needs while maintaining the secure environment your organization requires. You can rest easy knowing that internal and external groups can work together without added risk.

We can integrate your community portal with the enterprise systems your team needs, including SAP, PeopleSoft, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Elements of a great community portal

User experience

Dedicated to user-centred design

Our information architecture and user interface design is fuelled by user research techniques such as ethnographic research, listening labs, usability testing. Our design philosophy is one of appropriateness: we design for delight when we need to capture attention and take a frictionless approach when the design should get out of the way and simply guide the visitor in completing their goal.

Anywhere access

Responsive, mobile experiences

Give your team the flexibility to collaborate wherever they are. With the right approach, you can leverage responsive design to create a truly mobile-friendly community portal that works just as well on a traditional desktop as it does on a smartphone or tablet.


A true line-of-business system

Integrate your community portal with the systems your team needs, including SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more. We can do this without compromising security or the performance of existing solutions.

Secure collaboration

Connect internal and external partners

Leverage your intranet as a starting point for a community portal. Invite people outside of your organization to access specific areas of your collaboration solutions, and share information in ways that promote idea-sharing but don’t sacrifice security.

Office 365 is also a great platform for community portals, and there are numerous benefits to building this type of solution on top of your existing employee portal.

Support and evolution

From good to great.

Whether you wish to support your solution completely in-house, rely on our team, or perhaps leverage a combination of the two, we can provide the support and evolution services you need.

From our support desk to our advanced measurement and optimization services, the result is the same: your portal is delivering increasing value to your organization and delight to your community.


Drive insight through data and rich analytics.


Understand what your community wants.


Continuously manage the functionality and features to unleash collaboration.


The activities you need to be successful.

Getting Started

We can help you discover the untapped power of your member-based communities.

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