Build a better workplace


Connected and informed

Connect employees to the information, expertise, and tools they need. 



Make it easier for teams to work, share, and learn together.



Put a spotlight on people, recognize contributions, and celebrate success.

The world of work is changing

Employees are seeking greater purpose in their careers. More than ever your team wants to understand their connection to the big picture and how their work contributes to your organization’s success. In addition, your employees expect consumer-grade technology in the workplace that helps them get the job done.

The best workplaces understand the power of people-focused experiences combined with technology. 

Intranets and employee portals are more than places where people go for news, documents, and company information. An intranet can align employees with your purpose and vision, connect team members across geographies, offer personalized content and experiences, and support your team in getting the job done.

Deliver better workplace experiences to every employee, anywhere.

Working with us is different

Key ingredients for success

Habanero combines world-class user experience and technical innovation to create intranets that improve communication, increase collaboration, and foster engagement.



We take the time to understand your purpose and vision, culture, and people.



We don't design interfaces, we create experiences to help employees get the job done.



We create measurement programs to evaluate success and share insights from all our intranet work.


Support and evolve

We have a dedicated team that provides the support you need when you need it. 

Go Intranet Accelerator

Our intranet accelerator for SharePoint and Office 365

Build a better

Rich communication and collaboration features help your entire organization stay connected and engaged.

Don’t get trapped
in a box

Unlike a pre-built intranet product, you aren't limited to basic features and stuck with an inflexible product.


Each Go intranet includes Habanero’s industry-leading intranet consulting services to ensure success.

Adopt Office 365
on your terms

Move to the cloud when you are ready. Go supports both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016.

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