Important Updates app support

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Below are a couple of troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble with our Important Updates app:

I can’t re-install the app. I keep getting an error.

Not a problem! Make sure the old version of the app is deleted from the recycling bin/second stage recycling bin and the issue should go away

How do I change the look and feel of the app?

Our app uses the default SharePoint styles. Modifying the SharePoint theme or customizing the look-and-feel of your SharePoint portal should also style our app.

The app is only displaying one message at a time

The number of items to display is a configurable property of the app.

How do I order the messages in the list?

It’s easy! Just change the sort order within the apps. To do this:

  • Click the Important Updates link at the top of the page (or go to Site Contents > Important Messages)
  • In the Important Updates list change the Sort Order numbers (1-5) to display how you would like them to display. 1 is at the top of the list and 5 is at the bottom.
  • If the app is only set to show one item, it will only show the first item with the order of “1” until that item’s end-date is reached.


How do I use the Important Updates app on a public site?

Unfortunately the app does not work on public sites at this time as anonymous access to SharePoint resources (like the lists that are storing the message information) aren’t currently supported in SharePoint apps.