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Collaboration Gives Galvanize A Fresh New Look

We recently launched, a website redesign for the company-formerly-known-as the Kirschner Cameron Group. Galvanize came to us with a new logo and brand identity, as well as a solid idea about who they are and where they want to take their company.

Collaboration starts and ends with our clients, and it's also a big part our practice here in the UE group. We have an extensive design questionnaire that aids in drawing out the finer points our clients may be considering. With Galvanize, we had a detailed discussion about the meaning of their name, as well as process they went through with their logo designer. We then provided a scrapbook, which is quite similar to an interior designer's presentation board: a collection of colour swatches, images, font samples and interface elements. This gave us some real world examples to discuss, without charging forward into a time-consuming design that may or may not be well received. Out of this process, we developed a common language and direction for Galvanize, and it was off to the studio to work.

The User Experience Team works closely to create beautiful, functional designs. Internal design reviews with designers, developers and information architects ensure that the design will not only look good, but function well on the Web. The more eyes on the design, the better the product, and we incorporate all the best ideas. With the Galvanize site, the focus was "minimal and contemporary with a lot of white space." It's the small details in sites like these that make the impact, and during the review, several changes were made to streamline the design. Check your ego at the door, and open your mind to collaboration.

The collaboration doesn't stop here. There was still a presentation and revision process to complete with the client, and even in the development process, there were revisions to how the code would be executed for the best effects and browser compatibilities. All the changes and revisions can take time, and it's important to build this process into the delivery schedule so each step can be given the attention it deserves. In the end, we had a happy client with a fresh new site, and another collaborative process to reflect upon.