Rick and I finished Day One of the BC Bike Race today in Nanaimo. It was an amazing course with fantastic single track — the people in Nanaimo did an incredible job. There are a huge number of racers here from all over the globe so it makes me pretty proud hearing the out of province riders going on about how amazing the riding is here. Rick's ridden a fair amount in Nanaimo in the past so he had the home town advantage going. It gave him some real flow — particularly early in the race — and it was great for me to hang on to his wheel. I think it's the sign of a good partnership when you get energy and flow from your team mate when they are rocking. A lot of times in races like this, people are more likely to be deflated by others riding strong. That's the great thing about this being a team event (with a great partner).

One other small item to note about today's ride: we finished strong with a decent into town and a final lap around the track in the back field of the school that I went to high school at (many, many years ago). Track and field was a big part of my life growing up so it was pretty cool ending at the track. I managed to pull off a classic sling-shot on the final corner to nip the peloton of 5 riders I was with and crossed the line only to see my father and mother standing on the side of the track. It was just like old times!

Today's ride was 60k and took us 4 hours and around 40 minutes to complete. Tomorrow we are in Cumberland for a 59k leg that should be a little quicker than todays. Fingers crossed.