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Design Dinner Take 1

I met with a couple of designer friends last night at 6 Acres to break bread, talk shop, and get inspired. It's a very informal event, and I hope to hold it regularly. Chris from Free Agency Creative and Kevin Broome both came out, and a lively conversation ensued.

To keep the conversation grounded in design, last night's assignment was to bring something in your favourite colour and be prepared to talk about it.

Kevin was a star and brought a killer graphic novel called SuperMarket. He chose the piece because he was really inspired by the entire palette; pink, teal, yellow, and brown are not common colours used for comic printing. The pop-inspired palette contrasts in a surprising way with the edgy, anti-mainstream messages in the story and the sketchy illustrations. We are still trying to figure out how the book was actually printed — CMYK or four custom spot colours?

Being inspired by fashion and fabric, I chose the colour Red from the t-shirt I was wearing. It was hard to pick one colour because I have so many favourites! My navy t-shirt has a red collar and randomly scattered red, white, and fawn circles. The red really pops off the dark blue, adding warmth, intensity, and visual interest. I had also brought some facts about red that I gathered from Wikipedia, and we had many tangential conversations about the cultural implications of colour, perception, and the science of colour.

Chris was clever in that he did not tell us his colour choice until the very end of the evening. Instead of bringing a sample to discuss, he kept bringing his colour into the other conversations we were having. When we were talking about fashion, Chris asked us why designers always wear black (do we?) When we were looking at the comic, Chris noted there was no black ink on the page (very interesting!) When we were discussing ideas around colour palettes for websites, Chris mentioned several black and white sites that use texture, shape, and shade instead of colour as design tools. Kevin and I were quite amused by his strategy. Nice one!

I had such a good time last night, and I'm really looking forward to the next gathering. I wonder what the next assignment will be?