Continuing my series from "The Art of Marketing" event I attended I will share my takeaways from Sally Hogshead's discussion based on her book "Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation."

Hoghead's talk introduced and explored her seven fascination triggers: power, prestige, lust, mystique, alarm, vice, and trust; and the influence they have on decision making. Based on her research all individuals have an "f-score"; a unique combination of these triggers that define how you fascinate others. Each of these triggers can have a powerful impact on our perception, understanding, behaviours, and choices. As an example, people with a "mystique" f-score tend to raise and leave questions unanswered compelling others to seek answers from them.

There are obvious benefits in being aware of these fascination triggers and applying their characteristics to our brand and messaging to our customers. They feel like an invaluable part of our toolkit to solidify the explicit and implicit Habanero brand. I also see a more subtle and interesting metaphor applied in how we work with our clients and the solutions we deliver.

Interaction design

I have long held the belief that "pride" should be a response we strive to hear from the people using and interacting with the solutions we deliver. Perhaps a bit contrary to those quantitative success measures our industry strives for, pride is indicative of emotional attachment and I'd like to believe it is a leading indicator of solution adoption. While we may not consciously think about how fascination triggers apply to our interaction design work, the underlying premise that people are drawn to visually appealing solutions is absolutely a core part of why we believe our solutions resonate so well with our clients and their users.

We take great pride in our interaction design work and our clients tell us it differentiates Habanero from other companies they have worked with in our industry. For me there is nothing more satisfying about our work than hearing "Wow!" when a person is introduced to and starts using one of our solutions.