Just wanted to post a quick note relaying an excellent blog post I came across yesterday by Alex Iskold of ReadWriteWeb: Semantic Web Patterns: A Guide to Semantic Technologies.

Habanero has already been employing semantic markup such as the hCard and hCalendar microformats for several recent projects, so this is especially relevant to our business. The addition of semantic information to web documents is an important evolution of how meta-information is both stored and accessed on the Web; it's looming large as a major trend for 2008, especially considering Yahoo!'s recent announcement of support for indexing of semantic markup.

Yesterday, Yahoo! Europe pushed out 26.5 million microformats in the hListing classified ad listing format, which is a major step in the process. In his article, Alex explores much of the hype and fuss behind the semantic Web, and how it will be important to everyone in the near future.

It's definitely worth a read.