Spring is in the air and that means the Microsoft Ignite conference is just around the corner. Happening May 4th to 8th in Chicago, Ignite replaces the previous SharePoint Conference and is an amalgamation of several conferences into a single event.  

Habanero has attended the SharePoint Conference since it was first conceived and we’ve always looked forward to the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant SharePoint community. It’s important for us to explore the upcoming version of the platform in greater depth, hear from other customers about their real-life experiences, and connect with our peers in the industry.  

We’ll be sending a team of eight to the event and will be discussing the major themes and key takeaways both during and after the event. Some of the things we are excited about include:  

SharePoint Server 2016 – While Office 365 has somewhat lessened the significance of major on-premises releases, we’re still stoked to see Microsoft officially unveil SharePoint Server 2016 in all its glory. There’s been a steady stream of ‘leaked’ details over the past month or two, but it will be great to see the official final product. Will it include anything significant or will it simply be playing catch up with its SharePoint Online sibling?   

Hybrid options – Many of our clients are warming to the cloud, but not necessarily ready to jump in head first. Microsoft will be adding additional hybrid options so customers can embrace the cloud when it makes most sense. We expect this to be a central theme. 

NextGen Portals – There’s been plenty of chatter from Microsoft around the NextGen portals concept that they’ve released and intend to build upon in the coming year. This includes portals such as Office 365 Video and Delve. Posts have hinted at future plans for ‘People’ and ‘Knowledge’ focused portals. We’re excited to see what’s next!   

Cloud roadmap – While the roadmap for Office 365 is publically available, it tends to focus exclusively on features and capabilities under development. While that’s certainly helpful, we are looking forward to greater insight into the strategic roadmap for Office 365 and higher level themes that can be anticipated going forward.  

Satya Nadella keynote – We’ve been a fan of Satya Nadella since he has taken over the reigns of Microsoft. Albeit overdue, it’s quite remarkable the changes that have been made to a very large company in such short order such as embracing other platforms and truly putting mobile first. It will be fascinating to hear Satya deliver the opening keynote and share his insights. 

If you are planning to attend Ignite, please drop us a note so that we can connect in the Windy City. If you’d be interested in staying informed on key takeaways and insights from our team, be sure to let us know and we’ll keep you in the loop.