The rationale behind customization is that often times default blog homepage looks too similar with other blog web sites on the internet, and therefore you will most likely need to change the layout, or add some extra information, like images, links, text or something else. There are just a few easy steps to follow in order to accomplish a simple customization.

  1. Assuming that you have already created a blog as a subsite under your team site, let's go to the 14 hive of your server and make a copy of blog.xsl.

    Store the copy somewhere on your local machine.

  2. Open the copy of blog.xsl file, and look for the section used to display the home page of the blog site. This section starts where the highlighted text below is.

  3. Next, we want to change this section so that somewhere under the body of each post we display an image and a custom text.

    Note that the image used in this example is already stored in \14\Template\Images folder, as it is installed by the framework. For custom images, it is best to create your own folder under \14\Template\Images and store your images in that specific folder.

  4. So far we have updated the copy of blog.xsl, but how do we use it for our blog's homepage? For this, we create a document library on our blog subsite and then we upload the copy of blog.xsl into this document library. Once uploaded, we copy the shortcut of this file as we will need it in the next step.

  5. Next, we go to our blog's homepage and open it for edit (Site Actions – Edit Page), then go to Post Web Part Menu and select Edit Web Part.

  6. In the properties window, we paste the shortcut copied in step 4 inside XSL Link textbox.  

    We click OK to save our changes, and we are done!

The result of our changes should look similar to the image below.