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Looking at our use of social media

We've recently been evaluating our use of social media at Habanero. So far, as a marketing communications strategy it's not something we've dove into. While we've learned what's right for our clients and how to help them gain the most from social media in the solutions we build for them, we're still experimenting with the best way to use social media as a B2B consulting firm.

This past summer a communications student, Riley Taiji, evaluated our company's use of social media. He spoke to our team members, and helped to surface knowledge already present at Habanero in order to make recommendations for how we can make better use of social media. Riley's analysis included research about the use of social media by consultancy firms comparable to ours. He found that there was very little out there. Most research regarding social media is geared toward B2C organizations.

There isn't a one size fits all approach to using social media. You have to take into account the type of organization that you are. Here are some objectives for social media use by Habanero that Riley surfaced in discussions with various team members:

  • Showcase Habanero's great personality and culture to a wider audience.
  • Become more engaged in the online community that is out there.
  • Develop intrinsic motivation within the Habanero team to contribute.
  • Drive both external and internal traffic to the Habanero website.
  • Deepen the connection with clients and general public.
  • Cut down on the cost of recruiting.
  • Establish a strong presence in social media that goes beyond just appearing "current".
  • Establish Habanero as online thought leaders.

We have a redesign of this blog in the works, and along with that some changes to our presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It's helped us take a step back and look at how we've been using social media and our objectives for using it. I think it's leading us to an approach that is more engaging and less forced and stilted. Stay tuned!