I am hesitant to present sweeping generalizations but I feel fairly secure in saying that the last few years likely would not represent the financial industry's most memorable examples of inspiration courage and integrity. As history shows though, in the midst of the greatest challenges there are always trailblazers choosing to deconstruct the status quo and forge new ground for others to follow.

I first met Servus Credit Union in March of 2009 and the organization was in a state of transition. It was five months into the amalgamation of its three predecessor credit unions and its people were grasping to make sense of suddenly becoming one of the largest credit unions in Canada. It was clear there was a tremendous amount of work to do and while the path forward was still taking shape, the enthusiasm and passion was apparent everywhere. That first set of discussions left an indelible mark on me. I couldn't describe what it was at the time but I knew I was going to witness, and possibly contribute to, something special.

Fast forward to Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at just slightly past 2pm MST and the launch of the new Servus member website. In its own right, this solution's features and functionality are remarkable:

  • an advice-based navigation to guide Servus members to easily find the most relevant financial products and services based around their lives and their businesses, a first in the Canadian financial services industry;
  • an integrated sign in experience for online banking respecting the legacy of three separate credit unions and the complexity of members with accounts across one or many of those legacy organizations;
  • an industry-leading set of richly interactive calculators; and
  • a rich and interactive mapping experience for locating branches and services.

It is valuable to look through the technology or solution and understand the importance and relevance of what is being presented. In this situation that could not be more true. My personal feeling is that the most remarkable elements of the Servus website are actually those that would not be visible to someone visiting this new external site. It is the Servus leadership, passion, enthusiasm and relentless drive to do something more, to be more meaningful to its members and to set a new standard of engagement with its members. Great solutions are the result of great vision and execution and Servus is an organization with an abundance of both.