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Managing SharePoint 2010 using PowerShell

The SharePoint 2010 release is coming quickly and from everything you may hear about the platform, one aspect that is very cool and empowering is the ability to use PowerShell to install, configure, manage, and pretty much do anything and everything with SharePoint.

The following presentation delivered at VanSPUG covered how to get started with managing SharePoint 2010 using Windows PowerShell. This powerful command-line scripting tool allows IT pros to interact directly with SharePoint 2010 (and many other systems).

Here is the overview of the main topics:

  • quick overview of the PowerShell engine
  • new capabilities of PowerShell with SharePoint 2010
  • automating the SharePoint 2010 installation and configuring a new farm
  • provisioning and configuring service applications
  • creating new web applications and site collections
  • creating scheduled SharePoint backups

There is an excellent e-book from Dr. Tobias Weltner that I strongly recommend for learning PowerShell fundamentals, and here are some great references for SharePoint 2010 to get started:

Check out our blog for upcoming articles with examples and sample scripts!