In his last post Rick talked about how getting ready for the BC Bike Race has made us experience a level of teamwork like never before. However, I have to admit that I didn't have a very team-centric perspective when I first started getting my most important team involved in the event.

At Habanero's holiday party in December, I chose my year end speech to 100 or so people as the venue for asking my wife, Jennifer, if I could enter the race. In retrospect, it's sort of like proposing marriage through the PA at a hockey game. How awkward would it be to say no in front of all those people? I tried to weave the question into the theme of New Year's resolutions in an attempt to make it fit into the flow of the speech. It might have been a sense of pity related to my ham-handed, somewhat cowardly approach to the way I asked that led to Jen going along with the plan. She's a real sport!

Preparing for a race like this has a real impact on a person's family, and such has been the case for Jen and the kids. Having four kids and a busy business means our time has to be carefully orchestrated. Weekends are loaded with all sorts of activities like birthday parties, guitar lessons, play dates, haircuts, acting lessons, etc. We also need time to just slow down, hang out, and chill with the kids so the idea of feathering in a few four or five hour rides on a weekend is pretty daunting. It requires a very understanding and cooperative partner, to say the least. Jen has been amazing and the kids have been great as well. My oldest son, in fact, will be part of our support crew during the race. He's giving up a week at school to be at the BC Bike Race with his dad — now that's sacrifice!

My family has proven to be a supportive team, no thanks to my approach to introducing the idea at the beginning. Teamwork is an on-going theme in our BC Bike Race blog postings, but in full disclosure, I didn't start out as the best teammate. So I'm especially grateful for my behind-the-scene team who got me to this point. Two days to go!