One of the more exciting improvements found in SharePoint 2010 is the My Sites capability. At the core of the SharePoint social networking strategy, Microsoft has clearly put a lot of effort into improving the out-of-the-box layout and adding functionality that aligns the best of SharePoint with features most of us have become accustomed to in Facebook and other social networking sites.

My Sites in MOSS 2007 are somewhat disjointed and suffer from a lack of user adoption for most of our clients (where they have been enabled). The improvements found in SharePoint 2010 My Sites could very likely change that.

Why? Here's some of the notable improvements:

  • Improved layout — the standard My Site page layout is a big improvement on the one in MOSS 2007 and this will hopefully encourage user adoption.
  • Activity Status — much like your Facebook status or Twitter updates, the My Site Activity Status lets you broadcast you current activity status to your work colleagues. This will appear on colleagues Note Board pages as well.
  • Note Board — Much like your Facebook Wall, you are able to add notes to a Note Board for your My Site or your colleagues. The use of AJAX controls make for a great user experience without needing to refresh the page.
  • Tag Cloud — a display of personal tags via the Cloud Web Part, which identifies and ranks all the tags a user has utilized.
  • Org Hierarchy Display — Microsoft has developed an intuitive way to visually display an organization's hierarchy and navigate colleague relationships.
  • Colleagues — Once again drawing from the Facebook experience, you are able to add collegues who can then follow your Activity Status and Note Board updates.