Wow, 6,000 people is a lot, and I guess the "let's put our Twitter accounts on a t-shirt" idea wasn't as unique as we thought. To recap our first Vegas day:

Our rooms are excellent. Jas noted that 5 TVs in a hotel room is rather extravagant, but most of us agreed the bathroom TV is a welcome addition to the usual Motel 6 fare.

There was grumbling around the SharePoint Conference registration desk. Most said it was the long lineups, but I suspect the noise was over the "laptop sleeves" that carry our special conference advertisements and sneak preview guide.

The Jay and Ismail video updates are already gaining some YouTube buzz. The new BFF's gloated about their achievement over dinner at Pink Taco, which, btw, is a great Mexican restaurant. I have to say, their enthusiasm is infectious.

The evening ended up at SharePint, a SharePoint geek social at the Mandalay Bay club "Eye Candy." You know that the second that you decide to go to something called SharePint, you're raising your chances of be hit by a flailing hand by some malformed '80s move on the dancefloor. I got out before things got too dangerous.

Stay tuned for the important stuff.