I spent some time yesterday with our amazing spin coach, Jamie Armstrong (Method Personal Training) working on our daily race plan. Jamie's been a part of the team for Rick and me since January coaching us through speed workouts, sharing his experience with multi-day endurance events like the Trans Alps and generally being a great source of inspiration. We talked about the value of keeping the routine consistent day after day and making sure we don't cut corners in warm up or cool down. Key pieces of advice from Jamie for our daily riding plan include:

  • Icing the legs after the ride (a cold stream works well); and
  • Trying and get a good mix of carbs, protein and salt in right after you finish.

For example, Jamie ate a whole rotisserie chicken after each ride in his Trans Alps event. I love the image of a skinny, spandex clad individual standing in a stream up to his waist savagely tearing through a rotisserie chicken. I think this is going to be a fun week.

Rotisserie chicken, the perfect post-race snack?