There's a new feature in SharePoint 2010 called the Health Analyzer. Health Analyzer is actually a set of rules that are scheduled to run automatically and report on common SharePoint problems and best practices, around areas such as security, performance, configuration, and more.

All of the rules the Health Analyzer uses are configurable, so you can modify the rules that are triggered so you aren't alerted as frequently (or at all) if there is a rule you want to ignore. An example of a rule that you might want to reconfigure is the "Accounts used by application pools or service identities are in the local machine Administrators group". Last week I blogged about configuring the User Profile Service, which requires you to add the farm account to the local administrators group. Once that is configured, you will start to receive alerts due to the rule above (the rule runs once a day, so it may take 24 hours before you are alerted).

To modify the rule (or any Health Analyzer rules) go to "Central Administration" à "Monitoring" à "Review rule definitions" à select the rule you want to modify à "Edit Item" à and then modify the scope, schedule, or disable the rule definition.