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Take the a and c out of race

June 28, 2010 – BC Ferries Queen of Burnaby from Little River, Comox to Powell River

Al Saunders gave us some excellent advice during our prep for the race. Take the "a" and "c" out of race, said Al, and replace it with "i" and "d". In a stroke, our race turned into a ride, and our legs got a break — hopefully they're not one hit wonders.

During the first day we were certainly closer to riding than racing. Today felt like we edged closer to racing, but were still in the riding category. We kicked it up with some roadies at the start of the day for the first 20 km, and then let them drop us on the major climb of the day (we caught them just before the bottom of the single track descent). As the week progresses, I'd like to edge closer to racing, but still leave plenty in the tank each day so that we finish strong and happy.

We've just finished an outstanding second day in Cumberland. Check out the video from the day. As the week is progressing, we are settling into our placing in our race category. We're recognizing people that we need and want to be riding/racing with during the day and people that we should not be riding/racing with (either because they're too fast or too slow).