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Team GSD rocks the Habanero Cup

If someone asked me ten years ago where I would be in my career in August 2010 there is no chance I would have talked about what was going on today. See, the company I work with is extraordinary. We have an extraordinary spirit grounded in our values but borne of our collective passions and personalities. Out of this spirit comes some interesting and sometimes completely wack ideas that fire up the organization in interesting ways.

Enter the Habanero Cup!

The "Cup" is modeled after our experiences in high school intramural teams. Everyone is assigned to a team and we are given a list of activities and associated points that we can earn by completing those tasks. Simple, right? Absolutely. There is brilliance baked into the activities focusing teams on a combination of individual and team activities. All of these activities make a meaningful contribution to Habanero:

  • "getting things done" that we know we need to get done;
  • promoting and enabling internal initiatives important to us right now;
  • promoting and enabling market-facing initiatives important overall;
  • getting us focused on the important but not-so-urgent things that often fall off the sides of our desk but are so critical to our long-term success; and
  • having fun supporting team building and company pride.

The real genius is in how this all comes together for Habanero. The teams are competing throughout Q3 and the awarding of the Habanero Cup will happen at a company-wide family picnic in Vancouver in the latter part of September. We bring together the entire company (and all of the people whom support us in what we do) to embrace and celebrate the larger concept of team at Habanero; the entire Habanero "family" which is all of us and our families.

So ... what were we doing today? Today was all about team building and company pride. And it was brilliant!

And that team name "GSD"? Well, that's an attitude we have in our Calgary office and Colin created a brilliant logo to represent the attitude.

team gsd logo