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User experience and records management: Habanero’s approach to deploying Collabware CLM

Habanero’s employee portals often include document management and collaboration capabilities. Historically, organizations have had to roll out parallel enterprise content management platforms with a records management focus and integrate these platforms with SharePoint.

This can be a complex, expensive, and confusing process for all involved, and often does not generate a satisfactory level of user adoption, an essential ingredient in any records management implementation. Habanero’s approach to ECM and records management is the opposite—it’s people-oriented and designed to operate in the background of an existing SharePoint intranet.

We’ve learned over the years that the most successful SharePoint initiatives are ones that put the end-user first.

There has to be a better way to manage records in organizations

In a lot of organizations, the information management landscape organically grows to include network file storage, a variety of third-party tools, and a reliance on email, but often suffers from a lack of formal collaboration between and across departments.

While there may be some compliance in terms of archiving and storing records in identified folders, heavy reliance on network file storage often ends up frustrating users with time-consuming retrieval, multiple versions of the same document living in different places, and more often than not, colleagues needing to consult each other to identify important records.

Why we selected Collabware CLM

Collabware CLM is a records management add-on designed to provide additional ECM capabilities and bring robust information governance to SharePoint. Collabware CLM enables us to help organizations meet records management objectives and encourage user adoption of SharePoint—an exciting outcome.

Collabware essentially works behind the scenes to capture records automatically, so end-users are not burdened with records management duties. The software ensures that compliance occurs and provides the capability for records managers to confirm that content is properly entered into the system.

Given that employees use the SharePoint sites they are already comfortable with, records can be declared and stored faster. Records managers have a clear place to go to begin the archival and retrieval processes, and the end-user experience remains strong. Plus, in terms of compliance, records managers can run reports right from Collabware CLM to see which departments need extra attention.

Our approach to implementing Collabware CLM

Habanero started working with Collabware CLM in 2012. Since then, we’ve helped organizations in the education, health, government, and oil and gas industries to successfully implement Collabware CLM.

An important outcome of our ECM projects is the creation of a clear vision and roadmap for stakeholders to reference throughout the project. The roadmap contains the goals, needs, and requirements of each type of stakeholder and provides an outline for enhancements that can be deployed in the future.

We typically leverage a department-by-department implementation approach to ensure end-user needs and team-specific records management challenges are addressed. This creates higher levels of user adoption and is easier to manage than completing an organization-wide implementation all at once.

Habanero also draws on our deep user experience knowledge and expertise to bring an interactive and people-focused approach to our projects. Our team uses a number of facilitation and end-user research techniques to understand how groups within an organization use and share information. The goal is to match the capabilities of SharePoint and Collabware CLM with the organization’s internal processes, enabling day-to-day collaboration while supporting efficient records management and achieving compliance.

By staggering the roll out of Collabware CLM and focusing on the end-user experience throughout, we can guide teams toward better collaboration, improved compliance, and ultimately increase employee satisfaction.

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