Cat and I talk about content strategy in the third video of the UE Trends Video Series. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Here's what we cover

The trend: We treat content much differently today than we did two or three years ago. There is greater interest in content strategy and much blogging about it.

How we treat content differently today: We're planning for content early, no more "lorem ipsum", we work with content in parallel with the information architecture (IA) and we work closely with clients to plan for content. We like to think about content for sites the same way a restaurant owner thinks about their food. It's important and you need to plan.

What roles are involved in content strategy: Content strategy is a natural extension of IA, but the business analyst (BA) is often involved in planning and authoring activities.

How to get clients to see the importance of content strategy: Show clients wireframes with existing versus cleaned-up content, keep your ears perked in usability testing for feedback about the importance of good content, and start helping them plan for content early on.

Challenges: Resources and commitment from clients to commit the time and resources needed to create high quality content.

Advice for practitioners: Think about content early and follow the many conversations about content strategy taking place on the web. A great place to start is the book Content Strategy for the Web.