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VanSPUG Using SharePoint 2010 to boost productivity

Yesterday we had an awesome time at the VanSPUG gathering where Shereen Qumsieh gave a great talk. Below is the abstract and the video recording:

We'll start with material targeted at those new to SharePoint development, covering key foundational topics (like Features and the Solutions Framework) and are vital to understanding how customizations are componentized and packaged. The remainder of the session will be devoted to an examination of the new tools in Visual Studio 2010 that make SharePoint development easier than ever before. We'll see how the new templates, wizards and designers improve productivity by automatically managing project structure and manifest files for you.

We will also explore how you can use visual designers to speed the process of building Web Parts and examine how the new client object models and REST services enable you to make the use of SharePoint functionality from client applications across the enterprise. Finally, we'll see that SharePoint developers now have the same F5 deployment and debugging experience enjoyed by .NET developers for years.