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Working the process

A new quarter has started at Habanero, which means new rocks to help improve internal processes. A small group from the UE Team were tasked to develop a solution to help communicate the UE process to the rest of the organization. Through discussion and analysis, we have come up with a pretty nifty (and still top secret) tool for collaborative project planning.

I've found the process we've been following very effective. We've iterated an prototype very quickly and with a very small resource cost. Some points I think are key to this being so successful:

  • Quick meetings often — The team meets on a regular basis often to keep the momentum and excitement of the project flowing. This keeps our ideas fresh and interest strong.
  • Manageable take-away homework — Each team member takes on a small task to complete prior to the next meeting. That way, no one team member is stuck with huge time consuming tasks. Also, it keeps the project moving foward even though we aren't together working on it.
  • Working meetings — At each meeting, we review the homework and revise it together, so the deliverables changed quickly and organically. Many points of perspective can be integrated at each stage of progress.
  • Always a prototype — By keeping the mentality that the deliverable is always in beta, we don't hang on to one solution. No one is too attached to the outcome, and we are able to let go of ideas quickly. Constant improvement is the mantra, and making mistakes is easier to accept.
  • Something tactile as soon as possible — We visualize our ideas as soon as possible to see if they work. That way, impossible ideas are discovered sooner rather than later. Also, we have a constant feeling of accomplishment as we are moving ahead with our tool.

The team discussed these strengths of the progess, and we discovered we are adapting an agile method to our project. Pretty cool!

Stay tuned, we will be finished our tool soon, and we will post about it here.