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You can decide the fate of my head

The awesome work that Habanero employees did on our recent United Way Campaign earned them the right to decide the fate of my hair. However, the original deal with the Habanero Giving Committee was for me to dye my hair if we reached the third level on the United Way campaign. In all the excitement of hitting that impressive target of exceeding $20,000, we lost track of the original plan. The result was Elliot selecting Matt Jensen's creative idea of the shaved head with a red H on the back. Well done, Mr. Jensen.

I felt I had to accept the challenge, but given the raised stakes I've asked Habanero to step up and support a cause that is important to me, the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. Since then, a number of people have approached me to let me know that they are less than keen on seeing my knobby cranium with such unfettered clarity. Based on this, we have set up this contest.

Are you keen to see the cue-ball with the red H, or would some fun colouring be a more appropriate reward? I will comply with the voice of the people.

The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation has created two options on their donation site (either option will donate to the Dr. Peter Centre Greatest Need campaign).

Shave him!

If you want to see me go bald select the "Habanero Challenge: Shave it off!" option to make your donation.

Dye him!

If you want to see me retain some dignity with an Habanero-red dye job, select "Habanero Challenge: Dye it bright red!"

The option that raises the most money for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation makes the call! This contest is open to anyone! Tell everyone you know. It's for a great cause.

The decision will be announced the morning of December 17th.