Unlock the benefits of a member portal

Foster collaboration

Stop, collaborate, and listen.

More than just a place to share documents, the world’s best member portals build strong connections between your organization and your partners and member-based communities. Whether your community includes your business partners or members such as franchisees, professionals, students, or teachers — our portals provide a place for everyone to participate and contribute to your shared goals.

Are your partners and community members aware of — and contributing to — your shared goals?

Create quality experiences

Power to your people.

Your franchisees and front-line team are your brand ambassadors, yet they don’t always have a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s “way”. A member portal can provide rich product education, an interactive space to learn about your organization’s service standards and guidelines, and a place to better understand your brand on both small and large-screen devices.

Are you providing your brand ambassadors with what they need to excel?

Market to the last-mile

Your own in-store marketing machine.

You spend millions on marketing, yet your customers may be more knowledgeable of your offers and promotions than your in-store team. Keep them in the loop with a portal and mobile experience that shares your campaigns in a fun and engaging way. The benefit? Your marketing spend is more effective as your team becomes engaged in each and every one of your campaigns.

Are your customers more knowledgeable of your current offers than your own team?

Find insight

Ear to the ground.

Your team on the ground is receiving feedback every day. Unfortunately for many organizations this feedback remains at the store level. A better solution: provide a rich online area for them to share and discuss feedback with the people that can make a difference — your product management and development teams. The result? An organization that is more responsive to trends, and ultimately, more innovative.

Are you disconnected from what your customers actually think about your products?

Perfect for any community

Retail and franchisee-based organizations

Help your brand ambassadors provide world-class service, ensure your marketing efforts are supported at a local level, and leverage on-the-ground insight to respond quickly to trends and feedback.

Board of Directors

Give your Board the information they need, when they need it. Provide regular updates, better track decisions, and provide a collaborative space that makes your in-person board meetings more productive than ever.

Students, teachers, and parents

Turbocharge your school district! Keep parents informed through a portal and mobile app, and accelerate student learning by creating a place for students and teachers to track learning plans and outcomes.

Building a great member portal

User-centred design

A dedication to user experience

Our portal information architecture and user interface design is fuelled by user research techniques such as ethnographic research, listening labs, usability testing, and focus groups. Our design philosophy is one of appropriateness: we design for delight when we need to capture attention, and take a frictionless approach when the design should get out of the way and simply guide the visitor in completing their goal.


Available anywhere on any device

It is often essential for your partners and brand ambassadors to access critical tools and information on the go. The most powerful member portals work well on both small and big screens. The result: your closest partners are more integrated into your organization than ever before.


Connected and powerful

In order for your member portal to provide real value to your partners and member-based communities, you will likely have to integrate it with your ERP, CRM, and other line-of-business solutions. Security, performance, and integration capabilities are all important considerations when integrating systems with your member portal.


Safe and secure

The most powerful member portals often contain confidential information, valuable insights and ideas, and are integrated with your line-of-business systems. As such, security is a must. Habanero can assist with everything from developing a threat model, analyzing the solution and infrastructure architecture for vulnerabilities, to penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and security audits and reviews.

More than technology


Whether you’re creating and sharing a vision, aligning your plan to your organizational goals, creating a business case, or starting to measure impact areas, Habanero brings a wealth of knowledge and engaging techniques to set your project up for success.

Change management

Managing stakeholder change is more complex than delivering a great solution. Effective change management must engage stakeholders, evangelize benefits, create and steward user communities, and provide the right type of training at the right moment.


Keeping the lights on is not enough. Great member portals require a proper governance structure, governance plans that consider the worst-case scenarios, and clear accountability across all support functions.

Support and evolution

Change doesn’t happen just once. Our team ensures that your end-users are effectively supported, your portal continues to evolve with the needs of the organization, and the system is safe, secure and performing well.

Getting Started

We can help you discover the untapped power of your member-based communities. Habanero assists organizations with everything from strategy, to implementation, to post-launch portal management and sustainment.

Contact us to get started!