Facts About The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

Created in 1868

to protect the public’s right to quality dental services.


dentists regulated by the College in Ontario.

62 per cent

growth in headcount since 2010.

The Challenge

Share knowledge and resources

The College needed a place where employees could find answers to common questions, share knowledge, and find the resources needed to do their job. The portal was also the first step in the organization’s shift away from paper processes and physical documents.

Build culture

After years of growth, the portal was seen as way to connect employees with each other, communicate the College’s values, and unite people around its mission. The intranet leverages a design that focuses on people and culture, improving the employee experience.

The Solution

The Junction is packed with everything College employees need to collaborate, communicate, and get work done.

The homepage of The Junction features news and events from across the organization, integrated weather, and quick access to the vast knowledge and resources that can be found within the portal.

As the portal is built on the Habanero SharePoint Portal Accelerator it is fully responsive, which ensures employees have a great experience on any device. The Portal Accelerator, in conjunction with a success and measurement framework enables the College to understand how the portal is performing and providing value to the organization.

Habanero partnered with Public Good Social Marketing Communications to craft The Junction’s identity and illustrations. The illustrations and branding compliment the College’s external identity and support the user experience of this SharePoint 2013 intranet.

People Finder

Searching for colleagues is made easy by the People Finder’s instant search capabilities, which immediately displays pictures, phone extensions, and job titles for team members. The People Finder is linked to each employee’s profile, which provides more information on each person at the College.


In the Kudos Corner, anyone can write a note recognizing another person for their contributions. Social features enable others to comment on and like each post.

Sharing stories through photography

Sharing photos via the intranet provides a unique way for employees to share what’s happening within the College. Anyone can send a photo to an email address that automatically posts the image to the homepage of The Junction.

Knowledge Library

Employees can find college-wide resources including regulatory information and content related to the practice of dentistry in the Knowledge Library. The Library is designed to surface content quickly and easily through a targeted search experience and easy-to-use categorization.

How Do I...?

A staple of a well-designed intranet, the How Do I…? section has answers to any question an employee might have. This section includes information about careers and benefits, assistance with technology, and answers to other common questions.

College Life

Employees can learn about the mission and vision of the College, its history, and what is going on within the organization.

The Outcome

The Junction has been immensely popular with College employees.

This new employee portal has achieved the following outcomes:

  • 90 per cent of employees have viewed the Employee Essentials, How Do I...?, and departmental pages
  • 85 per cent of employees use the People Finder more than twice a week
  • Just a few months after going live, 50 per cent of employees have used the kudos feature to recognize a colleague’s contribution
I think Habanero’s biggest differentiator is their people. We were impressed by each Hab we worked with and the level of support and guidance they provided throughout the project. I’d definitely recommend them for organizations looking to build a new intranet!

Angelo Avecillas, Assistant Manager, Communications and Digital Media

Implementation Details

  • Strategy, visioning, and end-user research
  • Detailed measurement and success framework
  • Built on SharePoint 2013
  • Leverages the Habanero Portal Accelerator