We create user-friendly records management solutions

Higher adoption

Records management solutions often suffer from low adoption. That’s why our approach puts end-users first.

Invisible compliance

Most people aren’t records managers. Let team members focus on their jobs while achieving compliance.

Support your business

A records management solution can do more than you think. We’ll help you deliver value to the entire business.

Technology users love

After an extensive, industry-wide search, we selected Collabware CLM 2016 as our primary records management platform. Collabware focuses on providing a great user experience to drive adoption; a perfect compliment to Habanero’s end-user orientation.

Collabware works with your existing SharePoint collaboration portal and runs in the background, meaning end-users never have to worry about declaring records and records managers are able to deliver more value to your organization.


Collabware empowers SharePoint to become an intelligent, enterprise information management solution.


Leverage your organization’s investment in and knowledge of the SharePoint platform.

The recipe for records management success

Vision and roadmap

What does success look like?

You need to know what you’re building and why you’re building it. That’s why we work with your team to create a vision and define the business outcomes beyond compliance. You can’t do everything at once; prioritization and focus are critical to success.

Our team can craft roadmaps, match strategies to objectives, and ensure your project stays on the right track.


How do we create success?

Our team works with every stakeholder to define the project specifics–including scope, budget, timelines, strategies for records management, migration, governance, search, and collaboration. This planning phase also helps to clarify solution requirements for the Habanero ECM accelerator.

File plan readiness

Technology-ready file plan

As you transition your content from a physical world to an electronic world, you need to revisit your file plan. File plans that have been developed for a physical world can be unnecessarily granular for the electronic world. Our readiness process results in an updated file plan that is fit for the digital world, while supporting the transition period from physical.

Evidence and insight

Make the right decisions and consistently improve

We develop evidence to show how our solutions perform in terms of the business outcomes that our clients seek. This enables us to get at the heart of the business challenges our clients face. We then work with clients to develop consumable and actionable plans that improve and refine records management solutions.

Habanero ECM accelerator

A foundation for exceptional records management

The Habanero ECM accelerator is an industry-leading platform for our records management solutions. This has been developed based on years of developing records management, collaboration, and employee portal solutions. The platform is available to all clients and gets your records management solution moving in the right direction, fast.

Functional rollout

Achieve adoption and compliance

Our functional rollout is the core of your project. Based on the roadmap, the project team will iterate through each functional area at a time to ensure success. Our three-tier approach ensures optimal balance between business and compliance objectives, because records management solutions are never one-size fits all.


Don't leave it to the end

Migration is where the rubber hits the road! Too often this important part of an engagement is not given the attention it warrants, leading to project delays, rework, and frustration. We start with the end in mind and plan the migration at the outset. A clear data migration strategy with an effective approach for data or content cleaning is essential, no matter the size of your organization.

Support and evolution

Launch does not indicate success

Project completion does not indicate project success. Success is delivered over time, with continuous effort and attention. Our support and evolution team ensure your records management solution continues to perform and adapts with the needs of your business.

Support and evolution

From good to great.

We can provide the approach and services you need to support your solution, even if you choose to do this in-house or leverage a combination of organizations. Our support desk is committed to growing the value a records management solution provides.



Evaluate your success from compliance through to business value delivered.


Build Insight

Our team takes measurement further, driving action and guidance you can use.



Unlock efficiency and demonstrate continuous results to the rest of your organization.



The consulting and technical services you need to ensure success.

Getting Started

We can help you deliver a successful records management program. 

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