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The one-stop shop for essential information

The digital workplace is a busy place. Create a go-to location that surfaces everything your people need to know.

News and events

Connect employees to your purpose, values and goals and ensure that everyone across your organization is in the know.

KPI and metrics

Surface your most important corporate performance indicators to make it easy for everyone to keep score.


Put critical time-sensitive communications, including IT outages, essential communications and emergency notices front and centre.

Time zones and weather

With quick access to weather and local times across the globe, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with changing conditions.


Display your current stock price and market data and other indices.


Too many acronyms? Provide a quick reference for all your workplace terminology.

I love how GO elevates news, making for a more connected employee experience. We can pick and choose modules that support our specific strategies.
Leah Guimond
Senior Manager, Communications – Sleep Number

Deliver tailored experiences to all employees

Personalization based on role, location and even interest ensures that everyone gets the information they need without all the noise.


Provide employees with a guided experience to customize their intranet and increase its value and relevance.

Tools and resources

Surface what employees need by personalizing tools and resources to their role, location or other criteria.


Empower employees to create and manage a list of important items from across their digital workplace.

Sites and files

Provide one-click access to frequent sites and recent documents from OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Employees see the all-company news, plus they can customize their home page to see news coming from wherever they’d like, so they get a holistic view of the organization.
Jessica Poitras
Manager Communications – Wawanesa

Unite people and expertise

Break down silos and connect employees with the expertise, insight and information they need.

People finder

Find or discover people by name, department, role, location or several other criteria.


Foster a culture of peer-to-peer recognition, an important pillar of creating a great workplace.

Employee milestones

Share what’s happening with people across your organization, including new hires, promotions and anniversaries.

Photo gallery

Encourage storytelling through photography with user-submitted photos with the option to approve before posting.

We are very much a people-first company. With our GO Intranet, we have what we need to do innovative work so that we strengthen our communities.
Dana Galvin Lancour
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications – Barton Malow

Nurture a thriving culture

Create community by fostering dialogue across your organization.

Comments and likes

Promote two-way communication between employees through robust commenting including @mentions and threaded replies.

Social amplification

Strengthen your brand and get your message out by turning every employee into a brand ambassador.

Questions and answers

Leverage your organization’s collective knowledge by empowering employees to crowdsource answers to their most pressing questions.

Workplace from Facebook

Connect Workplace from Facebook and your intranet to nurture both channels and increase usage.


Gather quick insights from employees across your organization with easy-to-create polls.


Connect Yammer and your intranet to strengthen both channels and increase adoption.

GO allows us to see the growth in engagement. As our stories get more and more likes, shares and comments, it’s been really exciting.
Jill Caldwell
Employee Communications Manager – Toll Brothers

Connect the digital workplace

Increase productivity by simplifying access to the tools and systems employees need.

Microsoft Teams

Increase the reach of your intranet with GO support in Microsoft Teams.

Integration framework

Connect essential line-of-business systems including Workday and SAP to display important information right in your intranet.


Display the status of an employee’s service request directly on your intranet.


Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 search across sites, people, files and more.

With our GO Intranet and its integrations, our consultants have everything they need at their fingertips to do their job well.
Nick Williams
Head of Digital Workplace – Flight Centre

Empower people to find everything they need

Easy access to the information, expertise and tools your people need to get the job done.

Employee essentials

Help employees understand and navigate their career and employment with your organization.

Knowledge base

Ensure your employees are always using the most up-to-date policies and procedures.

Tools and resources

Guarantee that finding a tool, template or resource is no longer is a game of hide and seek.

From day one, users commented on how much easier it was to search content on the new intranet.
Neda Ilic
Senior Product Owner, Microsoft 365 – BCAA

Help communicators bring their stories to life

Create, manage and publish engaging content across multiple languages.


Craft compelling content with interactive components including tabs, accordions, embedded video and interactive photo galleries.


Manage content authors, workflows and page status with publishing tools that allow you to assign, review and batch publish.


Support data driven decision-making with insights that matter using GO’s measurement tools and included intranet advisory services.


Reach employees in the language they are most comfortable in with robust multilingual capabilities including automated social translation.


Employees can access your fully responsive intranet from within the Microsoft Teams app, the SharePoint app or the browser.

When I saw GO, it was as if Habanero had read my mind as a communications professional. During the presentation, I got a bit emotional at times, because GO felt exactly like the platform that we needed.
Natalia Williams
Director of Internal Communications – Corus
Built for Microsoft 365

Get the most out of Microsoft 365

GO was made for Microsoft 365 and enhances and extends modern SharePoint.


Built on top of SharePoint Online which keeps authoring, intranet management and administration easy and familiar.

Safe and secure

Your intranet remains within your tenant and uses your existing security model and approach to authentication, backup and recovery.


GO is built using Microsoft best practices, modern frameworks and supported APIs.


Regular updates help you take advantage of Habanero and Microsoft’s latest and greatest.

Our GO SharePoint intranet was our first big enterprise-wide push into the Microsoft cloud, so we wanted to partner with someone who had mastery-level expertise with Office 365.
Todd Buchanan
Digital Communications Manager – Coast Capital
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