Using experience design to solve enterprise problems

At Habanero, we are super passionate about working with organizations to solve the right problems.

We've been applying our over 20 years of people-centred research to deeply understand how to make workplaces better. Using the principles of experience design, we’re working with our clients to solve complex workplace challenges, from large-scale areas like employee onboarding, culture, vision and values, and performance management to more modest scenarios like a company-wide event.

Experience design gives us a powerful, collaborative toolkit that can be scaled up or down to suit the need. We embed design thinking methods to develop highly impactful outcomes, like alignment around a vision and roadmap, culture change, communications strategy, people development, process strategy and, of course, technology evolution and innovation.

My colleague Steven Fitzgerald and I realized the best way to share the value of experience design is to tell a story in the context of one of our immersive, co-creation spaces.

In the following videos, we’re showing how experience design is helping us reinvent performance management at Habanero. Performance management is perfect for an experience design engagement because it’s a complex, ever-changing part of an organization—meaning that a traditional cause and effect, process-driven problem solving approach isn’t always the best bet. The work we were able to do really enforced how important it is to address the right problems, as opposed to tackling everything in one big bite.

Part one: Building empathy through experience design

Part two: Personas and empathy mapping

Part three: Mapping a complex experience

Ultimately, experience design is all about creating an important transformation of some description in your organization. This toolkit ensures that we see the holistic picture of an organization and its challenges, connect the dots, and create the most meaningful change possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you and your organization tackle some of your biggest challenges, let’s connect!

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