Culture and transformation

Bring intentional change to life through employee experience design

Changing organizational culture to provide great employee experiences not only increases employee engagement, business outcomes and productivity, but it also improves customer experience and customer satisfaction.

We can help you shape your organizational culture.

Our human-centred, agile process uncovers key behaviours and beliefs to help you:

Confidently guide change and experimentation through cultural insight

Understand that past ways of working won’t necessarily get you where you need to go next

Create the conditions for employees to thrive and live their best work lives

so that you can

Recognize, keep and amplify what’s already working

Fine tune or change what isn’t working

Align employee experience with customer experience

Direct positive, sustainable change

Test and scale new ways of working

Our employee experience design work.

Your work with us will be as unique as your organization.

Reveal the invisible with empathetic research

We bring over 20 years experience in conducting empathetic research, including workshops, interviews and observation. We uncover hidden, yet essential insights and sentiment and help you turn this learning into a competitive advantage.

Analyze, synthesize and generate opportunities

We work with your employees and customers to document their journeys, paying specific attention to the high and low points of every interaction, so we can confidently lean into the right opportunities and take practical action.

Align your employees around your purpose

Purpose is the most powerful tool to align the hearts and minds of employees and customers. We help organizations on this journey of understanding and change.

Create meaningful change by starting with your culture

Organizational change is no longer about moving boxes on an org chart. Experience tells us you can’t change what you don’t understand, so we can help you gain insight into your organization's behaviours and beliefs so you can intentionally change it.

Test and validate employee and customer experiences

The best way to understand if an idea works is to test it with your employees and customers. Our team can co-create low and high-fidelity experiments to test, learn and evolve employee experiences.

Shape a practical and sustainable plan for change

It’s pretty hard to see where you’re going if you don’t have a plan to get there. We help you understand and prioritize the change at hand through building your team's capacity to lead your culture transformation.

Habanero brought conversations and tools that we didn’t know we needed to be successful, and yet we never felt pushed. My relationship with them is one of the most beautiful consultant relationships I’ve ever had.

Laura Appleton
Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, Arc'teryx
Provincial Health Services Authority

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