Websites and customer portals

Bring your omnichannel customer experience to life.

Deliver rich digital experiences worthy of your brand that delight and engage your customers at every point in their journey.

Three people using websites: in an office, at home and outside on a phone.

Create wow-worthy websites that make life easier for everyone.

Increase customer engagement

Deliver personalized experiences that improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

Displace high-cost channels

Create easy-to-use experiences that enable customers to accomplish their goals, without picking up the phone.

Improve organizational agility

Shorten your development lifecycle and lower the cost of evolving, maintaining and operating your site.

Deliver experiences customers love.

Design a website or customer portal that anticipates and meets your customers’ diverse needs at every turn while streamlining your internal business processes.


Deliver tailored experiences built on a deep understanding of your customer, their needs and their lived experiences.


Empower customers with self-service capabilities that work seamlessly with your line-of-business systems.


Empower everyone – with any ability, on any modern device – through a relentless focus on website accessibility.

Well written

Create content that resonates with your customers and increases your visibility and findability through search engine optimization (SEO).

Mobile first

Build a responsive website, optimized for mobile, through prototyping and a focus on mobile user experience, touch input and mobile network performance.


Improve organizational dexterity and effectiveness by using best practices for continuous delivery.

It’s our business to know yours.

We bring deep expertise in customer experience, design and enterprise technology to create an implement a digital strategy that meets your business goals.

Experience led

We combine our skills in deep empathetic research with design thinking, experience design and usability engineering to create an exceptional experience for everyone.

Made to measure

We empower you with the analytics and insight to understand how your website is performing and the value it is delivering to your business.

Enterprise friendly

We’ve been working closely with enterprise technology teams for over two decades. Our websites are scalable, easy to maintain and built using best practices.

Made in Canada

Our entire team is based in Canada, improving team collaboration and accelerating speed to market.

Committed to quality

Our quality assurance approach ensures our digital solutions are stable, robust and stand up to the most important stakeholder – your customer.

Built for content authors

The best websites are not just built for your customers, but also take your content authors into account. We ensure your content authors have a great experience.

Build what you need with Sitecore CMS

  • Modernize content management
  • Deliver personalized customer journeys
  • Integrate marketing and eCommerce
  • Holistically manage marketing content
  • Move to the cloud
  • Access product enhancements

Stories say it best.

Habanero’s passion and experience in creating great travel experiences on the Sitecore platform really impressed us. They focused on the research – making sure to engage with both our internal and external stakeholders including passengers, our communities and airline partners – and we really valued that.

Erik Olaveson
Manager of Digital Experience, GTAA

Are you planning an enterprise technology project? Get in touch and I can help you think through the big questions. I’d love to hear what you’re working on.