Digital workplace transformation

Build the workplace of tomorrow, today.

Digital transformation requires a new kind of organizational culture and IT leadership. It’s time to help your workplace build capacity for agility and change.
Employee in an online meeting, two coworkers chatting in an office and a person delivering a presentation.

Achieve more than adoption.

Bring life to work

Co-create a technology journey that works for your employees, instead of being imposed on them.

Build a responsive technology team

Understand and transform the behaviours and beliefs that get in the way of agile delivery.

Foster business alignment

Instill a product management mindset that brings everyone on the same page and maintains alignment.

Make a difference

Delivering new technology is only the beginning. Foster a culture of change that underpins real, lasting transformation.

Connect systems

Ensure your digital tools like ServiceNow, Workday and Microsoft 365 work together instead of against each other.

Establish your technology vision

Understand and leverage technology trends that can significantly transform your organization.

We’re your partners for change.

We’ll help you build teams, shift mindsets and create capacity for real, lasting transformation.

Employee experience leaders

We’ve been recognized by Gartner and ALM Vanguard for our exemplary, unique approach to delivering great technology-enabled employee experiences.

Culture and change innovators

We take a dramatically different approach to organizational change management by employing a human-centred approach.

Hands on

We go beyond analysis with a proven test-and-iterate approach that helps you build behaviours and processes that will support you over the long term.

Vision building

We bring stakeholders together and build unity with a creative digital transformation roadmap process that provides inspiration and accountability to keep you on track.

Enterprise savvy

We understand the complexities of working with large organizations with a global footprint. We help build alignment, foster adoption and lead change across the enterprise.

Microsoft 365 experts

We know how to leverage the holistic Microsoft 365 experience and its broad suite of cloud services, including Office 365, to create exceptional employee experiences.
GO Intranet Accelerator

A modern SharePoint intranet to power the new world of work

  • Created by Habanero intranet experts
  • Foundation for award-winning intranets
  • Enhances and extends Microsoft Viva Connections
  • Engages and connects distributed teams
  • Aligned to your brand and culture

Stories say it best.

This process has exceeded my expectations. Six months on, a whole layer of friction has disappeared. Our development cycles have reduced, we have better engineering, and we have maintained our revenues, despite major changes to our leadership and sales team.”
Bijan Sanii

Are you planning an enterprise technology project? Get in touch and I can help you think through the big questions. I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

Our commitment to reconciliation

Learn how Habanero is responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action as a settler-owned company operating on Indigenous territories across what is now called Canada.

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