Modern collaboration

Power to the people.

Great workplace and team collaboration can happen anywhere, at any time. Improve your organizational performance, enhance your employee experience and foster a culture of innovation.

Office worker in a Microsoft Teams meeting on his laptop, woman working from home and two field workers using a tablet.

Make teamwork effortless.

Empower every employee

Give everyone in your organization the ability to do their best work from anywhere, on any modern device, at any time.

Simplify complex processes

The best collaboration tools simplify your most challenging processes, creating outcomes that matter.

Create better customer experiences

Provide employees with the knowledge and tools to better serve your customers.

Experience the benefits of successful workplace collaboration.

With the right approach and enterprise collaboration tools, you can foster an organizational culture of teamwork and productivity.


Create an experience that helps everyone focus on their work, not their collaboration technology.


Give people the ability to find the expertise they need within your organization to get the job done.


Make information easy to store, find and share.


Foster creativity by empowering teams to work together, no matter where they are.


Streamline processes through the integration of platforms and services.


Reduce low-value work and drive increased efficiency by leveraging AI-based automation.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

We help organizations foster teamwork with Microsoft collaboration tools.

Employee experience leaders

We’ve been recognized by Gartner and ALM Vanguard for our unique, exemplary approach to delivering great technology-enabled employee experiences.

Experience led

We pair our deep empathetic research, design thinking, experience design and usability engineering skills to craft easy-to-use workplace collaboration experiences.

Microsoft 365 specialists

We’ve been working with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, now Microsoft 365, to create employee-centered experiences since the first version of each platform.

Enterprise savvy

We understand the complexities of working with large organizations to help build alignment, foster adoption and drive change across the enterprise.

Collaboration experts

We’ve been creating collaboration tools and solutions for over two decades that help people work together more effectively.

On the cutting edge

We leverage the latest capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Azure, including AI and machine learning, to create powerful and efficient modern workplace collaboration solutions.
GO Intranet Accelerator

A modern SharePoint intranet for workplace collaboration

  • Built for Microsoft 365
  • Founded on empathetic employee research
  • Engages and connects distributed teams
  • Delivers personalized experiences
  • Accessible from anywhere, on any modern device

Stories say it best.

By nature, a credit union is collaborative. So is Habanero. We worked as one team. We could rally around our purpose – helping employees create a better experience for our members.
Bryan Mavrow
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, First West Credit Union

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Our commitment to reconciliation

Learn how Habanero is responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action as a settler-owned company operating on Indigenous territories across what is now called Canada.

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