Habanero’s Guide to Microsoft Teams Governance

In 2020, Microsoft Teams became the fastest growing business app, with over 115 million active daily users. The pandemic accelerated its growth, with many organizations fast-tracking their Microsoft Teams rollouts to maintain basic operations.

You can simplify and ease the rollout process by taking the time to understand Microsoft Team’s relationship with Microsoft 365 and your configuration options.

Our Microsoft Teams Governance Guide is must-read for anyone involved in managing Microsoft Teams. We’ll introduce you to the many governance and configuration decisions you will need to consider, along with some tips we’ve learned along the way, including:

  • Clarifying ownership and accountability
  • Understanding Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Controlling team provisioning and avoiding sprawl
  • What to do about naming conventions
  • External and guest access
  • Setting a Microsoft Teams expiration policy
  • Archiving teams
  • Additional configuration options to consider

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