Employee experience design

Built to win

Your business wins when your employees are set up to do their best. Designing great employee experiences takes your organization to the next level.

Design employee experiences to drive performance.

We take a holistic approach to employee experience that balances a strategic, culture-informed mindset with processes, tools and industry-recognized expertise to deliver successful results.

Human-centred design

We put people at the heart of the process by taking the time to truly understand employees’ perspectives, values and goals to co-create a solution.

Intentional culture

With a co-creative approach, we help you see and intentionally shape your culture to meet the needs of your employees and your business.

Technology expertise

We’ve been recognized by Gartner and ALM Vanguard for our unique, exemplary approach to delivering great technology-enabled employee experiences.

Agile approach

We embrace an agile mindset that brings people together to uncover the truth of your employee experience faster and more efficiently.

Strategic alignment

Great employee experience can drive your business forward. We help you design EX that aligns with your strategy to help you get where you want to go.

Great Place to Work

We’ve been ranked one of the Best Workplaces in Canada for 10 years in a row. Many of our ideas and approaches to employee experience were developed and tested right here at Habanero.

EX is the beating heart of every successful organization

Employee experience impacts every critical business initiative. Here’s what can happen for your organization when you build the skills and capacity to continuously evolve your employee experience:

Craig in the Calgary office

Create great customer experiences

You can’t create great customer experiences without great employee experiences. Align the two to create a unique, sustainable competitive advantage.

Improve operations

Reduce absenteeism and safety incidents while increasing quality and efficiency. Great employee experience sets your people up to do their best work.

Foster innovation

Create a culture that gives employees opportunities to fail, learn and iterate, so they can co-create bold, successful solutions to your biggest problems.

Increase performance

Deliver higher returns on performance benchmarks and higher ROI by investing in the people who fuel your success.

Help employees live better lives

Improve the lives of your employees and communities by creating environments that support meaning, personal growth, respect and appreciation.

Create meaningful change

Gain the insight you need to confidently lean into the opportunities and initiatives that will drive success and eliminate the barriers holding you back.

Companies with great employee experiences see dramatic business benefits

  • 2x

    customer satisfaction
  • 2x

    innovation, measured as % of revenue from new products and services
  • 25%

    greater profitability compared to competitors

SOURCE: “Building business value with employee experience,” MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

What I’m really proud of is that, through this work, we’ve gone from thinking of EX as an HR initiative, to thinking of EX as something that is driving the whole organization forward.
Anne Le Breton
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources BRP

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