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We are passionate about fostering a culture where people thrive. Our hiring process is extremely thorough to help ensure potential candidates are a good fit, and gives candidates a chance to understand what it’s like working at Habanero so they know if it’s a right fit for them too!

Teams and collaboration

We’re all accountable to each other. Habanero isn’t structured like your typical company; instead of a single person in a group with a higher level of power and authority, teams of people collaborate and contribute equally based on their experience, interests, and strengths.

Career development

Our peer performance management model means that tenure doesn’t drive who becomes a performance manager — interest and passion for the career development of others does. We seek to help everyone understand and develop their strengths and capabilities, relying on an individual’s own motivations to drive results.

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Our hiring process

Our hiring process might be longer than other companies, but it’s successful at matching us with the best people.

Our Hiring Process
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The workplace awards we participate in involve detailed anonymous surveys that are completed by Habanero employees and our leadership team. Feedback collected in the surveys, along with our ranking, helps us measure how our engagement is doing. We also have our own anonymous survey that goes out to everyone in the company three times a year and covers engagement, performance, leadership, people, development, work, culture and place.

Globe and Mail

#1 on the Globe and Mail's Best Workplaces in Canada list for 2015

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