Build community and connection with Microsoft Viva Engage.

Discover, engage and connect people and ideas across your organization with Viva Engage, Microsoft’s employee engagement platform previously known as Yammer.

Three Viva Engage pages: an employee profile, an Engage newsfeed and a chat between two employees.

Build a better culture.

Increase transparency

Enable your leaders to quickly and authentically engage with everyone.

Break down silos

Facilitate conversations with all levels of your organization from your executive to your front-line teams.

Foster innovation

Provide a forum for people in your organization to engage in rich conversations that inspire creativity.

Nurture communities

Create a place for people to make new, unexpected connections and form communities based on location or interests.

Find the right answer

Ensure there is a place for all to ask questions and connect with expertise throughout your organization.

Engage your front line

Provide anywhere, anytime mobile access for your front-line teams to participate in your enterprise social network.

We help enterprise social networks thrive.

We know how to engage and align people and technology for a successful launch and adoption of Microsoft Viva Engage.

Leadership coaching

Executive participation is the single most important factor in creating a successful Microsoft Viva Engage network. We help leadership teams understand how to use and embrace it.

Employee-centred design

We leverage empathetic research and design thinking to assess your cultural readiness and ensure everyone from your communications team to your Viva Engage champions are prepared.

Microsoft 365 expertise

We understand how to set up Viva Engage to ensure it supports your broader Microsoft 365 strategy and is integrated with your intranet and other Office 365 tools.
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