Change management

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Real transformation happens when you change the way people think about change. Lead with a vision for your organization’s evolution that starts with creating great environments for your people.

Welcome to a new paradigm of change.

We’re disrupting change management. The new world of change is human centred, empathetic, agile and designed to meet people where they’re at (including you).

Cultural insight

We understand all the ways that culture shows up within organizations and how it can impact your efforts at lasting transformation.

Co-creative process

You don’t have to sell your change when you build it together. We help you co-create insight-driven solutions, grounded in the real beliefs and motivations of your employees.

Change makers

We know how to zero in on the real levers for lasting change – the underlying employee beliefs and behaviours that block or accelerate your success.

Agile approach

We’ll help you leverage the power of agile in a way that’s finely attuned to your organization’s culture and needs.

Human-centred design

We put people at the heart of the process using empathetic research that uncovers employees’ perspectives, values, goals and preferences.

Enterprise experts

We understand the complexities of working with large organizations with a global footprint. We help build alignment, foster adoption and lead change across the enterprise.

Change should be awesome.

Real change requires effort, time and commitment, but the outcome – and the process – are worth it. We can guide you through a process that leverages your strengths and empowers people to change with confidence.

Toni in the Vancouver office

Overcome change immunity

Experience real, lasting transformation by zeroing in on the underlying beliefs and behaviours that block or accelerate change.

Get future-ready

Develop organizational flexibility and capability to adapt that will help your company survive and thrive in rapidly changing conditions.

Build organizational empathy

Foster a culture of curiosity and empathy for employees’ experiences to drive real change at all levels of your organization.

Empower your people

When people feel a sense of ownership over the transformation, the need for traditional change disappears. Engage employees in a process to build their own future.

Tap into a bigger brain

Leverage the collective intelligence, insight and understanding of your entire organization in the process of co-creating the future.

Step into change leadership

Orchestrating successful change is a leader’s most important role. Shift away from managing and controlling change to a sense-and-adapt approach that includes room to explore, learn and grow.

Change architects identify key ingredients for leading successful change

  • 57%

    corporate culture that motivates and promotes change
  • 64%

    a shared vision
  • 83%

    top management sponsorship

SOURCE: "Making change work...while the work keeps changing," IBM Institute for Business Value.

Habanero brought conversations and tools that we didn’t know we needed to be successful, and yet we never felt pushed. My relationship with them is one of the most beautiful consultant relationships I’ve ever had.
Laura Appleton
Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, Arc'teryx

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